E-Posters will be available at the multimedia stations in the Exhibition Area at the ICE Krakow Congress Center during UIP2019.


E-Posters will be available for viewing at the ICE Krakow Congress Center during UIP2019 in a special section in exhibitors area. The e-posters will be facilitated with the use of an electronic poster board,

All accepted abstracts for e-poster received information on eligibility for e-mail. 

We strongly recommend you to use a PowerPoint (Windows) or Keynote (Apple), please click on the link below to download the template.

E-poster format:

  • All posters must be written entirely in English.
  • Layout: Portrait (Vertical Orientation)
  • Poster may content only 1 slide
  • Slide size: custom (width / height) 1080/1920 pixels or 38,1/67,73 cm or 15/26,67 in
  • File Size: the maximum file size is 10 MB
  • File Format: Save your file as a PDF in order to upload your e-Poster
  • Media: Pictures, graphs, illustrations, and illustrations can be included in the e-Poster.
  • Multimedia: videos and music cannot be included in the e-Poster.
  • All of the materials can be easily read at a reasonable distance of 1 to 1.5 meters by the readers.
  • Any conflict of interest regarding the content if the e-poster should be specified - disclosures/conflict of interests should be listed at the end of the text or as a footer of the e-poster.
Please note that all abstracts selected for e-poster sessions should be uploaded by e-posters electronically. 

Deadline for e-poster submission is 20 July 2019

Please click below for the e-Poster and Keynote Template.


Keynote Template

Please note that we can make some changes, except headline area with Title, Authors and Affiliation


E-poster submission form